466 People; One Beer Bottle

The One Beer Bottle Photo Pool
The One Beer Bottle Photo Pool

Three or four years ago when Beer Molly discovered the camera in her phone and starting sending photos of her beer to everyone (an annoyance that led to the formation of this blog), as far as we knew, there weren’t too many folks in the habit of taking pictures of their beer and posting them on the web for no other reason than because you could.

These days, with Twitter and Facebook and blogs a-plenty everywhere, people posting beer pr0n isn’t nearly as unusual as it used to be.

So I guess it should have come as no surprise that someone has set up Flickr photo pool dedicated to beer photos.

Single bottle beer photos to be more specific.

Heck, there’s even rules for the photos. From One Beer Bottle photo pool admin Troy Thomas:

Please remember that there should be only one bottle in the picture, the whole beer bottle should be shown, it should be upright, and it should be the main focus of the picture. Thanks!

Okay, whatever floats your boat, which (surprisingly) seems to be quite a few people. The pool currently has 466 members and nearly 3,100 photos.

Pretty cool.

Check out: One Beer Bottle photo pool at Flickr

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