Hopslam from my Valentine


My sweetheart gave me a 6-pak for Valentine’s Day.  She’s the best.

Though we have had it on draft, I believe this is the first time enjoying from the can.   Or should I be saying in the can.   Hmm..either way out sounds like I’m in the bathroom…which I’m not. 

Enjoying directly from the decanter.

Anywho…it is a good interpretation of a double IPA.  Nose is more citrus and fruity, and pine is less forward.   Flavor is malty sweetness up front with balanced hop flavors, and pleasant lingering bitterness after swallowing…maybe after spitting out too,  but I didn’t try that.  It’s also got that 10% ABV thing going for it. 

From Bell’s Brewery, Comstock, Michigan.  Packaged 27 Jan 16, so pretty fresh, all things considered.

Author: Adam

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