Raging Ciders & Meads

I’ve been fortunate and have been enjoying Dave’s ciders and meads for many years.  Starting  Friday, 10 Nov 17, all y’all get the chance to do the same when Raging Ciders and Meads opens its door to the public.

Four ciders and one mead at his soft opening last week.  All good and different.

Dave doesn’t add yeast to his fruit juices.  All are fermented naturally using the whatever yeast is on the fruit when harvested.  Though fruits have been added, mixed or blended, none of the ciders are back sweetened.  Alcohol content varies, and most finish more on the dry side.

I’m very happy to see him finally opening after years of hard work.  Unfortunately for me, it likely means less free cider for my personal consumption.


Cheers. ..see you Friday

Author: Adam

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