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Not Quite Suitable for Retail

This bottle of Serpent Stout from Lost Abbey is just as delicious with its label askew…yep…taking one for the team in the name of quality control.  Because we don’t want the public to be exposed to (gasp) crooked labels.


A Beer Under The Palapas in Solana Beach

At Pizza Port enjoying a Jules Winnfield and a Coffee Monster Imperial Porter…mmm.  A beautiful day for a bike ride.  From Del Mar to Breakwater Brewing in Oceanside…almost back.  I’m laggin…Michele is kicking my butt.


Airdale Brewing

The Angry Panda strong ale and a Dark and Stormy.  Both clocking in at 9.5%abv.


Grog ‘n Grub in OB

Just 1 More Scotch for the lady,and a big boy glass of While the Wife’s Away IPA for me.