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I truly love great beer in a can.  This may not be great, but I enjoyed it. Resin is brewed by Six Points Craft Ales.  The wonderful resin hop smell upon opening quickly disapated once poured into a glass.  I expected something different based on the nose, and was pleasantly surprised to taste a beer […]


BBQ Tri-Tip n Hell in the Morning

I guess it’s not really morning, maybe it just feels that way do to the clouds and rainy weather, and the fact that I just got up. Perfect time to BBQ, and you legally cannot BBQ without a beer.  (Not sure if that is a State or County law, but I’m pretty sure it’s a […]


Holiday Beer in new X-mas Glass

Enjoying a Merry Christmas Happy New Year 2012 from Anchor Brewing in my new beer goblet.  Strong roasted malt flavors with notes of holiday spices. 


Saint Arnold Endeavour IPA

Making the best of a rainy day of cleaning house by adding beer. ed on the nose and color I expected something a bit different.  It smelled like the boiled hops of an over-the-top-hop imperial IPA and I expected the hops to overwhelm the malt back.  The beer was nicely balanced, and just what the […]


Grozet = Gross-et

OK…maybe that is a bit harsh. But this light bodied gooseberry & wheat beer has an odd odor and unpleasant lingering bitterness. I have not tasted a gooseberry before and am uncertain how it could be affecting the flavor.  The off flavor could be the result of the added bogmyrtle, a well known natural insect […]


Sculpin Rumor Tastes True

If’n y’all hadn’t heard… the rumor was that a batch of Sculpin IPA was accidentally double dry hopped and put into regular distribution.  It was supposed to be batch 174.  I had made no special effort to find it, but while in places that sells the beer I would check the batch number.  After a […]


Birf-day Beer n Dishes

Sipping an Enjoy By 12.21.12 double IPA from Stone, whilst washing dishes. Yep, it’s like a party…. Palmolive and beer.


SDBW Friday Recap

After hang’n with the mayor, we made our way to Downtown Johnny Browns for Barrel Night and found a very nice selection of potent and tasty beers! Our 3rd stop, and 2nd brew pub, was Monkey Paw. After a tasty flight of 6 of their own brews, I chose a big boy glass of their […]


Make’n Myself at Home…

…with a big boy glass of Fresh Hop Pale Ale from Great Divide. Yeah, this will do nicely.  I’m definitely getting more of a grassy nose and flavor compared to the draft version on tap at the brewery the week of GABF.