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Oldie but not a Goodie

An old one found in the beer drawer… something for the Jacuzzi. I hope I don’t get diarrhea.


Saint Archer Blonde Ale

Yep… got one of these too.  I liked the blonde more than the pale ale.  4.8% ABV.  Had places to be, so I grabbed a to-go cup.


Saint Archer Pale Ale

Trying one of the bottled beers from the new kids on the block.  Per the label it clocks in at 5.2%abv. 


Latitude 33 Biere de Mars

At City Beat Festival of Beers, San Diego, 1 to 5pm today.  Lots to choose from. FYI, event is sold out


Earth Thirst Double IPA

We found this one from Eel River, along with a two other single- bottle-beers, at the Costco off Morena nestled between some buy-by-the-pallet macro beers.  Pretty good and only $5.99. 



I had forgotten they I had a few Surly beers in my fridge (mail order treats that Michele grabbed for me) until visiting with a friend that recently moved to Minnesota.  This 99 IBUs hoppy red ale is one of their local favorites. If’n you are planning to make a trek to Surly I’ve been […]