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“33” Export

Vietnamese beer to sip with food at Phuong Trang.  Busy place for a Sunday night at 9pm.


Coronado Brewing

A big girl glass of Berry the Hatchet for the lady, and I decided on three tiny beers: People’s Choice Pale, Rye Dogg IPA and El Borracho Brown.


Avery White Rascal

Taking a short break from yard work.  A beautiful day for a long break.


Belching Beaver North Park

A lot to choose from…. We tried the two barrel aged beers available… they were out of Ol Dirty… the saison, the cask version of Dam IIPA and the Hop Highway IPA. Really like that Crazy Burger from nextdoor delivers.


Mad River Jamaica Brand Sunset IPA

The only IPA offered today at Native Foods, Encinitas.  It tasted much better today than I remembering it being the last time I had it.  I would definitely order again.


Electrocution IPA

From Amplified Ale Works at California Kebab.  A new batch tapped for their anniversary party this last Saturday.  The last keg is on now, but I doubt it will last past Tuesday  (as in tomorrow).


California Spring Beer

Ya gotta start somewhere.  This morning we started with California Spring Beer from Hangar24 and fish tacos from next door.  Beer was light and refreshing, probably what they were shooting for, but really not my cup of tea…. or beer in this case.  I would have preferred a bit more hop character.  Fish tacos, as […]