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It Has Been Determined…

…that in order to replenish our bodies to the proper mineral levels, additional liquid nutritional supplements are required.  Yeah, that’s my tiny banana.


Lost Abbey Carnevale

Very yummy on a warm day, and a great post bike ride beverage to rehydrate.


Just 1 More

Having a Los Cuatros Amigos Saison from Mother Earth Brewing, and Just 1 More Scotch.


Mmmm..Wipeout IPA on cask

A yummy pint of Carlsbad Pizza Port Wipeout for me, and a weee pint of 10.5%abv Just 1 More Scotch for the lady.  A happy day in Solana Pizza Port


Midnight Expression

Port Brewing’s 5%ABV black lager…yum.   Enjoying in neighbors garage.


Cascade Kriek Ale

…from Cascade Brewing, seemed like a good follow-up to the Carnevale….mmmm…and it is.


St. Josephs MOA Tripel

Guest brought something to share from New Zealand.  Yummy and I would not have guessed 9.5%



DIPA from Hermitage Brewing Co in San Jose, CA.  I was really looking forward to a good IPA, unfortunately I did not find it here.  Maybe it sat in the back of the fridge too long, but I get the distinct odor of dentist office anticeptic cleaner.  You know what I’m talking about. A few […]