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Hoptimum 2013

Like a hop hand grenade. But deemed nice to hand to your friend.


There are Pils for That

Or so I’ve heard.   So after a warm day I took mom’s (or was it my psychotherapist) advice and took (2) “pil…. but have no plans of calling anyone in the morning.  Not my favorite beer style, but enjoyed sipping while on an evening walk… to go get a beer.


Saint Arnold Amarillo Hefe

In general I’m not a big fan of hefeweizens.  Very surprised that I liked this newer release of their Icon series as much as I did.  It was more like a Belgian pale, which is more up my alley.  Very enjoyable.


Rock Art Vermont Maple Wheat

We brought this back from our trip to the upper right.  The maple flavor was a bit strong for me, but I guess I should have expected that based on the name alone.  Stupid me.


Mongo IPA

The evening has cooled off nicely. 


Tap It Monday

Though it doesn’t quite roll off the tongue like Tap It Tuesday….I didn’t want to wait until tomorrow to enjoy this award winning IPA.


Stone Sour Festival 2013

Many many to choose from.  Lucky Charms and Shrieking Violet, both from Cascade Brewing.


Big-Boy Glasses at Thorn St.

Thorn Street Brewery has made many improvements since our last visit.  A nice indoor back patio with big open section of roof gives it  an outdoor feel. As of this past Friday they are offering large tasters of their brews.  They also have multi-use toilets now (that huge toilet room has been divided up) which […]


Societe Harlot

6% Belgian Pale half-pour as a palette cleanse after Hangar 24 Slow Roll – Barrelroll #6.  Need to find the Slow Roll in bottles.