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Sang Royal from Cascade Brewing

  We decided to open one of the beers from our Portland adventure. Tuesday seemed like a good enough reason to open something.   Just like at the Cascade Barrel Room we are having our own “Tap it Tuesday”…and we’re having a beer.


Boris from Alpine Beer Company

A barrel aged imperial stout with coffee.  Found it in a bag on the door of the fridge.  I have no idea how long it has been there….likely years.  10%abv


Ritual Tavern

Made a stop at Toronado SD and they were out of the first five beer choices.  Stopped by El Take It Eazy…just cuz…and walked out without having a beer.  Then walked to Ritual Tavern and am sharing a Cherry Chocolate Stout collaboration beer: Jason Fields, Kevin Sheppard, Troegs, Stone.


Quick stop at Green Flash

First visit to Green Flash new location.  We tried the Summer Saison, Sugar Smack Double, Tripple, Le Freak and Special Cuvee Tripple. 


Recently Amazed and Amused…again

I was recently amazed and amused.  Well, maybe amazed is a little much for what occurred and it was more a pleasant surprise.  But, let me start from the beginning… My neighbor had a good size get-together with family and friends on Sunday, to celebrate a birth in the family…and I was invited.  Food, food, […]


Wild Thing….I think I’m gonna throw up…..

I recently picked up a bottle of Wild Thing from Haand Bryggeriet.  The label proclaims it to be a Norwegian Ale with Cranberries and Currants Added.  Hmmm…sounded promising.  I’m not familiar with Norwegian Ale, but the tartness of cranberries and currents sounded like it would be a slightly tart fruit beer…and it was.  But it […]