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The old stop, go, stop, go on San Marcos Blvd…time for a pint

San Marcos Blvd backs-up east bound earlier and earlier.   It’s a good thing there is Churchill’s between work and home.  I decided to start with a New Belgium  La Folie.   Now if I could only find a place to set my glass so I can take a pic…jeez…standing room only at the bar.  Kristin […]


Made a Beer Offering to Coastal Resident Tiki

The walk on the beach left me parched and a bit chilled.  I stumbled into a defunct laundromat to warm myself by a dryer…only to find out it was no laundromat.  It was…and likely still is since I left it only moments ago…a bar!  Uncle Duke’s Beach Bar in fact. The bartender, Carl, greeted me […]


Witch’s in the Office

Enjoying a Witch’s Wit in a paper cup with office friends after hours.  Split three ways it wasn’t much and it just made me thirsty for more.   Yeah..I know you are jealous about the cool cut-outs stuck to my monitor and speaker in the back ground.  And..NO they are not for sale.


Aloha Plenty at Stone Bistro

I arrived late, but there were still many familiar faces wishing Ken good luck in Denver.  The allotted 30 cases for sale were gone by the time I arrived at 7:20pm…they didn’t last long.  I was able to get one on draft ($6 for a tiny pint) before the keg blew.   Next one was […]


Barrel Aged Serpent’s Stout

In preparation for the Jack Daniel’s Dinner last night at Churchills Pub & Grille, Ivan had Jack Daniel’s barrels filled with beer at Port Brewing/ Lost Abbey.  The barrel aged Serpent’s Stout was fantastic.  Get it while you can…I doubt it will last long.


Alpine Beer Co – Pure Hoppiness

Decided on a Pure Hoppiness from Alpine Beer Company before heading out this evening.  Very nice.  Looking forward to Ballast Point Sculpin IPA on cask at Churchills tomorrow..yum..thanks for the tweet @churchills


A sad day in San Marcos

I’m sure many of you felt the loss at 3:34pm today, Thursday 10 Sept 09.   He was only 3 years – 4 months old.  It was a short existence, but loved by many.  I recall people cheering at his arrival, or entrance into a room or gathering.  Of course I am speaking of…(sniff….sniff)…my growler.  […]


Stone Cali-Belgique IPA

Friends from work brought bottles to share after a long day at work.   So we carefully poured into our paper cups and savored the moment.


Happy Labor Day

Many have labored to bring together a small collection of beer growlers for sampling today.  Growlers from Port Brewing/ Lost Abbey, Alpine Beer Company, Belmont Brewing Company, Hanger 24 and Green Flash have arrived so far.  Still more in route.  I hope you enjoy your labor day as much as I will enjoy mine.


Russian River Glass Night at Pizza Port Solana Beach

I friend convinced me to meet with him to grab a pint.  It looked like everyone had the same idea; the place was packed and the beer line was out the door. We enjoyed our beverages and had a bite to eat.  It got dark and we each went home.  The end.