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Working Eastward

Grabbed a Mango IPA pint with an Older Viscosity sidecar.  Older was released this past Saturday… in case you didn’t know…. and it is currently on draft at the brewery.  … and no, my pic is not leaning, the bar is…. the liquid lines in my glasses are level.


Long Work Day

Mr. Bossman requested I attend local Chamber of Commerce event tonight….. held at Latitude 33 Brewing.  Yep, taking one for the team. I decided on Coconuts on Rye to have in hand whilst socializing…n drinking.  And considering I’m antisocial…. it’s really just drinking.


Late Night Kim Chee

With hot sake and draft Sapporo, imported from Canada, to sip while waiting for late night sushi….oh.. it has arrived… Yay!


Mo Beer

Once every ten years is a long time. Two years of Southern Tier Cuvee: 1 n 2 Ol’ Coton Exponential Hoppiness more to come.


Barleywine and Barrel Age Beer

Once for 14-days, I stopped drinking and did my best to eat better.  In the end I lost exactly 2- weeks of my life. Enjoying Matt and Nicole’s bottle share party. Yummy stuff…. more to come.


“The Board Meeting shall come to Order”

…or should it be, “I shall come to order a Board Meeting”?  An 8.5% brown ale with coffee and cocoa nibs from Port Brewing.  Mild coffee notes, and cocoa, on top of the malty, but not sweet, brown ale flavor.  As expected the coffee becomes more pronounced as beer warms.  Tasty, and I’m not a […]


Happy Easter

And nothing says Happy Easter like beer and candy.


Rewarded After a Bloody Battle

Though I lost to my bougainvillea (I lost more blood than it lost branches), I got the beer and last laugh by urinating on the plant.  Mystery beer from Port Brewing ended up being Hop-15.  A very nice prize for me.