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Check out Lost Abbey’s GABF Video

Lost Abbey submitted a video as part of a GABF marketing campaign. The topic had to be…

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Ne Goeien Collaboration beer releases today

Today is the release over at the Port Brew/Lost Abbey of Collaboration brewed by Hildegard Van Ostedan…

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It’s My Birthday Today!

Today is my birthday. I love to celebrate it every year with good friends and, well you…

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Private Party at the Toronado San Diego Tonight

Tonight is “friends and familiy” night at the new Toronado Bar in San Diego. (offspring of the…

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Photos from the Bourbon Angel’s Share Release

Here’s photos from the (almost) just finished Angel’s Share and Veritas `03 release.

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Grand opening of The Liars`Club Alpine Tavern & Grill

Today is the grand opening of the Liar’s Club in Alpine, CA The list of beers on…

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Green Flash’s 5 Anniversary Party!

Hello Everyone! Tomorrow is Green Flash’s 5th Anniversary Party. The gang and I will all be in…

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Session 8 : Beer & Food – The end of a fun day!

Well, we’ve reached the end of Session 8 and beer blogging Friday. Beer Sage, who did most…

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Photos from the Stone Anniversary Festival & Port Brewing Pre-Party

Yes, I finally got around to sucking all the photos off my camera and loading them to…

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You and A Weekend of Beer Pix – Be Our Guest Blogger

This weekend is Labor Day weekend – the traditional end of summer for those of us here…