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Tap 79 Double IPA 

An ok 8% ABV double IPA from Tap 79 Brewing Co., found at Trader Joes.   I am only guessing that Golden Road is brewing for them, like they were for the ol’ burro brand that came out a couple years ago.   But with the smaller can size, 12oz compared to 16oz, and being […]


Hop Diggity

Found a lone can of Mother Earth’s 8.2% double IPA at Trader Joes and they sold it to me $1.60, plus CRV.  At $0.13 per’s like I stole it.


Watermelon Dorado

I like watermelon.  I also like Dorado, Ballast Point’s 10% ABV double IPA.  I don’t think I would have thought to mix the two…but why not give it a try. When first poured, the nose is sweet watermelon and very little hop character.  Taste is not sweet but hop bitterness over the malt base, with […]


Hopslam from my Valentine

My sweetheart gave me a 6-pak for Valentine’s Day.  She’s the best. Though we have had it on draft, I believe this is the first time enjoying from the can.   Or should I be saying in the can.   Hmm..either way out sounds like I’m in the bathroom…which I’m not.  Enjoying directly from the decanter. Anywho…it […]


Future Tripping DIPA

Came here for The Patsy, and stoked to find this recently tapped double IPA on draft.  Cheers to Kevin.  Damn good beer maker.  Grabbing some Patsy to go for some side by side coconut beer tastings.


Cycle Brewing Derailer

The crowler of their double IPA traveled well from our recent trip to St. Pete.   Yumm.


Saint Archer Mosaic IPA

Totally not expecting what I tasted.  Saw the “mosaic” and “IPA” and thought I should give it a try.  Very tasty, but didn’t realize it was a 9% ABV  double IPA until I had it in my mouth,  then read the bottle.  Piney n citrus n yummyness…grabbin more next time.


22oz of Enjoy By 10-31-14

Over to the side of the fridge and behind a growler, this little guy was passed up quite a few times since it’s enjoy by date.   Stored cold and 3+ months old,  tastes mighty nice right now.