Knee Deep Simtra

I like a lot of Knee Deep Brewing’s beers. I even like some of their IPAs. The label sounded familiar, so I grabbed one. This is just ridiculous and undrinkable. I confused their Citra with Simtra. Coming in at 11.25% with Citra and Simcoe hops that top out at a 131 IBU. They describe it a “punch in your face” with a “danky hop aroma”. It reminds me of sweating your ass off working on an old 1971 Ford Pinto in the middle of Summer where you accidentally spill radiator fluid on your grease stained hands mixed with the taste of biting your tongue at the same time. If that’s what a “dank” triple IPA means then deal me out.

Knee Deep Brewing Co. Simtra Triple
Author: Greg Bolcer

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