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Trestles IPA


Left Coast brewery of San Clemente, California claims that “People that go left are in their right mind.” Last I checked, the point at Trestles break far better right. Trestle’s IPA has IBU’s of 58.5. It’s brewed by a local, family owned Left Coast Brewery in San Clemente. The label claims it’s a light bodied, clean, and pleasantly hoppy IPA brewed with Simcoe and Centennial hops resulting in a citrus aroma. I think seeing is believing. The color comes out more of a brown-amber. The aroma is slightly citrusy though only in a lemon peel aroma kind of way (it does NOT taste or smell like lemons, just the peers). The taste is very dry, slightly strong bitter with sort of a floral/juniper aftertaste. This is a really good beer, but it tastes more like a double IPA than a plain old India Pale Ale.

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