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Beers and Brunch

Met folks from out of town on the roof deck of Pacific Beach Ale House for a few beers and some food….all with a beautiful ocean view while enjoying the warm sun.  I love San Diego.  With no PB Porter on tap, I tasted the Shipwrecked Stout and Crystal Pier Pale Ale, and chose pints […]


Return South….From Roadtrip North

The first stop was not even on the list but was close; a place to gather our thoughts, sip something yummy and plan our return drive south….Rock Bottom Brewery Long Beach.  I have enjoyed beer at Rock Bottom La Jolla, San Diego Gaslamp and Colorado Springs.  I wish I could say the same for the […]


A Quick Stop at BLAH

Always something to please at the Blind Lady Ale House.  When work has me out a bit later than usual I find it best to wait out the traffic in an inviting atmosphere.  Today I was a little south…well…for me..and found shelter at The Blind Lady Ale House. Belgian Double Stout from Green Flash Enjoyed […]


Roadtrip North…

Recently a friend and I ventured a bit north and away from the San Diego beer scene…to visit some brewpubs just north of us.  First stop was Newport Beach Brewing Company guessed it…Newport Beach. The Jen Ne Sais Quad, their 12th Anniversary Belgian Quad aged for 2-years in brandy barrels with cherrys, was quite […]


Jumping in the pool with cup of Crude in hand…

About to jump into the jacuzzi with a some cups of crude…Long Beach Crude that is…from Belmont Brewing Company in Long Beach, CA.  Not too bad….I would have guessed it at under 5% ABV…not the 6.5% per their website.


Bitter Old Man or Poor Santa or Poor Santa Man?

At home with a partial growler of Poorman’s IPA and just over a pints worth of Santa’s Little Helper in another growler, so I am playing mixologist.  It is more fun to come up with a beer name first then mix stuff to make the beer.  Beer Sage and I had Dirty Old Man..which I […]


Coronado Brewing Co

I found myself in Coronado at 4pm this afternoon.  Hmmm…should I tackle the freeways…or maybe wait it out?  I chose to wait it out and found the only seat available at the bar of Coronado Brewing’s restaurant and brewery. After a quick glance at the draft list….I knew what I wanted to try. While chatting […]


A few beers found in the back of the fridge

If your refrigerator is like mine, there is beer in it.  You can’t see all the beer due to there being beers in front of other beers…not a bad thing…but you often don’t fully know your beer inventory at a given moment.  While rummaging around in search of something to quench my thirst…I stumbled across […]


Cooking and enjoying a High Tide IPA

Having a Port Brewing High Tide IPA while making split pea soup.   A cream base with red onions and bacon…how can it be bad.  No…not the beer…the soup.