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Cooking and enjoying a High Tide IPA

Having a Port Brewing High Tide IPA while making split pea soup.   A cream base with red onions and bacon…how can it be bad.  No…not the beer…the soup.


A Pint at Toronado San Diego

Went to Toronado San Diego in search of some draft sours…but nothing on draft today would really fill that bill.  Tried the Fall Wild Ale from New Belgium Brewing and had an old favorite Captain Stout from Alpine Beer Company.


A round of Victory at Seas at Churchills

Last Saturday…yeah, I’m a little behind in my postings…we stopped at Churchill’s for a pint of Ballast Point’s Victory at Sea; their Imperial Coffee Vanilla Porter.  I prefer the keg and cask Victory at Sea over the bottled stuff.  I find that the bottled beer retains too much coffee flavor for my liking.  No…I’m not […]


Rock Bottom Brewery La Jolla

When I found myself in La Jolla recently I decided to find a pint and wait out the traffic.   And to think that after San Diego Beer Week ended on the 15th I was going to take a beer break…noooo…Rock Bottom Brewery La Jolla on November 17th. The chalkboard tap list indicated they had a […]


SDBW – Sat. Nov 14 at Blind Lady Ale House

After closing up Port it was time to venture south and meet up with a friend.  As always, BLAH, had a wonderful tap list including some sours, for a mini-sour fest just for the night. We started with a Super Freak from Green Flash and a Mission Armada double IPA.  We talked and sipped and […]


Wipeout and Homework

Working tonight from home with a deadline tomorrow at noon.  I’m wiped out…and it is only Thursday.  I was thinking an IPA would be nice, but didn’t think I had any.  Lucky me I found two.  A Sculpin and a Wipeout.  I chose the Wipeout and don’t regret it a bit.


SDBW – Thursday Art Exhibit and Beer Tasting

I had read that Green Flash Brewing Co. was open all week for tastings and tours for San Diego Beer Week, so I headed over after work. Grant was nice enough to pour  me a few tasters.  30th Street Pale Ale, Gruit (a hopless herb beer), Hop Head Red, West Coast IPA, Palate Wrecker Double […]


SDBW – Hump day at Ritual Tavern then Toronado

After a long-ass day I stopped at the Ritual Tavern and rewarded myself with an Armada Imperial IPA, a collaboration brew from Mission Brewery and Dean Rouleau of San Diego Brewing Co. A short walk and I was at Toronado…along with everyone else in San Diego.   As usual I did not get close to tasting […]


SDBW a pint at Churchill’s

Yeah… I should have taken the pic when the beers were full…but I got distracted.  I chased my Pliny with a cask High Tide, and it was good.