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Granny’s got a bad hip so give her a beer

And in this startling news out of Spain via the UK: A study found that the bones of women who drink beer regularly are stronger, making them less likely to suffer from osteoporosis. It is thought that the high level of silicon in beer slows down the thinning that leads to fractures and boosts the […]


Mexico’s contribution to beer drinkers

Never let it be said that the Mexican people aren’t innovative. First they gave us the street-taco, then the donkey show, and now, Axixa. This, ladies and gentlemen (mostly gentlemen), is probably the single greatest invention to come from our Southern neighbor since Elvis on Velvet. It’s a mini urinal that mounts on the wall! […]


Beer Molly – Beer Cover Girl

Hey look — Beer Molly is on the cover of the July issue of All About Beer magazine! (Along with some other people.) The photo was taken at The Angel’s Share release at the Lost Abbey back in February of `09. In case you’re interested, the folks standing next to her are (from left to […]


Port / Lost Abbey 3rd Anniversary Party May 9th

Port Brewing / The Lost Abbey today announced that it’s 3rd anniversary party will be held Saturday May 9th from noon to 7pm (or whenever they finally kick everyone out). Along with excellent beer from the barrel archive and great food by Chef Vince, the brewery will also be hosting a live performance by local […]


Wall Street Journal Covers Lambics

The Wall Street Journal’s Charles Forelle has a rather good article in yesterday’s online pub covering his recent visit to Cantillon in Belgium. Written for the non-beer geek, it’s good coverage of the Lambic style and its connection to the origin of beer (and the discovery of all alcohol for that matter). Interestingly, there’s a […]


When life gives you a recession: make beer

The Wall Street Journal has an article today about the rise of craft brewing even as the rest of the economy is in the tank (or should I say fermenter?). Turns out a lot of folks who were laid off, downsized, or otherwise de-employed are tapping their inner entrepreneur and getting into the micro-brewing business. […]


Man Drinks Hot Rocks… and likes it

That “man” in the headline is me, of course. I’m currently enjoying a cold pint of Hot Rocks, the new stein-style brown lager from Port Brewing Company. Yes, it is delicious. For those who don’t know the backstory on this one, Hot Rocks is a collaboration between Port Brewing’s Tomme Arthur and Bend Brewing’s Tonya […]


Brandy Angel’s Share Arrives Feb 28

It’s official, the 2009 release of brandy barrel-aged Angel’s Share will be released at The Lost Abbey on Saturday, February 28th at 10 am.  Unlike previous releases of this incredible barleywine, this one will be available in both 375ml and 750ml bottles, which is a nice change since getting through a whole 750 of this […]


Backstreet Brewing turns into a dark alley

Word has just come down that Adam Carbonell was just laid off as head brewer at Backstreet Brewing in Vista, CA. According to Adam, he was told that the company, which operates numerous Lamp Post Pizza outlets (Backstreet Brewing is the microbrew side of the operation), is “downsizing” and corporate head brewer Ryan Aikens, who […]