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Man Drinks Hot Rocks… and likes it

That “man” in the headline is me, of course. I’m currently enjoying a cold pint of Hot Rocks, the new stein-style brown lager from Port Brewing Company. Yes, it is delicious. For those who don’t know the backstory on this one, Hot Rocks is a collaboration between Port Brewing’s Tomme Arthur and Bend Brewing’s Tonya […]


Eggs, sunny side up

Okay, it’s not really a beer pic (unless you count the beer glasses on the left), but I thought it was a cool pic anyway. This is breakfast the other morning. Obviously I like my eggs sunny side up. Lest you think this is a fluke, I found happy faces in some bell peppers once […]


How to carry a beer on a bike

Normally I don’t put the NSFW stuff up here because this site is about beer, not scantily clad women (though the two seem to go together). However, I’m making an exception this time because this one is gets my respect for ingenuity and utility. Beer Molly says these type of beer carriers will never catch […]


Dude, where’s my road cone?

This isn’t specifically a beer pic, so much as a “post beer” pic. As we were leaving Sin City Brewing in Planet Hollywood we happened across this in the parking garage: What you can’t see in this photo is the black drag marks from the cone’s stand on the floor of the parking garage. They […]


The Bun Boy is now Bob’s Big Boy

For as long as I can remember there’s been one “must stop” place along Highway 15 on the road to Vegas — Bun Boy in Baker, Calif., home to the world’s largest thermometer. (Also across the street from Alien Beef Jerkey.) Over the past few years taken to flying out to Vegas because it’s only […]