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Quick stop at Green Flash

First visit to Green Flash new location.  We tried the Summer Saison, Sugar Smack Double, Tripple, Le…

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Lost Abbey Mystery Beer

From the employee pile

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Draft list at Backstreet

Here’s what’s on tap at Backstreet Brewing in Vista. plenty for an IPA lover to enjoy.

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Roadtrip North…

Recently a friend and I ventured a bit north and away from the San Diego beer scene…to…

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SDBW – Thursday Art Exhibit and Beer Tasting

I had read that Green Flash Brewing Co. was open all week for tastings and tours for…

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Help us cover SD Beer Week

With well over 200 events for San Diego Beer Week (begins tomorrow!), there’s no way our intrepid…

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Free Bottle of Duck Duck Gooze for Every Vote

That’s a total lie, of course. Even if I had that much Duck Duck there’s no way…

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San Diego – America’s best beer town even if Portland complains

I’m getting a good laugh out of the guys up in the Northwest who are all in…

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Barrel Aged Serpent’s Stout

In preparation for the Jack Daniel’s Dinner last night at Churchills Pub & Grille, Ivan had Jack…

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The geek’s guide to building your own kegerator

Sure, you can buy a kegerator, but why would you when you can build one? Geek bible…