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Draft list at Backstreet

Here’s what’s on tap at Backstreet Brewing in Vista. plenty for an IPA lover to enjoy.


Roadtrip North…

Recently a friend and I ventured a bit north and away from the San Diego beer scene…to visit some brewpubs just north of us.  First stop was Newport Beach Brewing Company guessed it…Newport Beach. The Jen Ne Sais Quad, their 12th Anniversary Belgian Quad aged for 2-years in brandy barrels with cherrys, was quite […]


SDBW – Thursday Art Exhibit and Beer Tasting

I had read that Green Flash Brewing Co. was open all week for tastings and tours for San Diego Beer Week, so I headed over after work. Grant was nice enough to pour  me a few tasters.  30th Street Pale Ale, Gruit (a hopless herb beer), Hop Head Red, West Coast IPA, Palate Wrecker Double […]


Help us cover SD Beer Week

With well over 200 events for San Diego Beer Week (begins tomorrow!), there’s no way our intrepid reporters can cover the happenings as thoroughly as we’d like, so we’re solicting folks who will be here to help us cover the event(s) as widely as possible (for posterity, of course). If you’re going to be in […]


Free Bottle of Duck Duck Gooze for Every Vote

That’s a total lie, of course. Even if I had that much Duck Duck there’s no way I’d be giving it to you for free. But it did get you here, which was my intent all along. And now for my real, much more nefarious, purpose: The slightly blurry gentleman (and I use the term […]


San Diego – America’s best beer town even if Portland complains

I’m getting a good laugh out of the guys up in the Northwest who are all in high dudgeon over Men’s Journal naming San Diego as “the new beer capitol of the U.S.” Seems that our beer drinking brethren up in Oregon (and Washington state) don’t like the fact that Portland – the self-titled “Beertown […]


Barrel Aged Serpent’s Stout

In preparation for the Jack Daniel’s Dinner last night at Churchills Pub & Grille, Ivan had Jack Daniel’s barrels filled with beer at Port Brewing/ Lost Abbey.  The barrel aged Serpent’s Stout was fantastic.  Get it while you can…I doubt it will last long.


The geek’s guide to building your own kegerator

Sure, you can buy a kegerator, but why would you when you can build one? Geek bible Wired Magazinehas published a really good guide on how to do it. Step-by-step instructions can be found here. (Bonus: The instructions are in a wiki, so if you’ve got some expertise in kegerator construction, you can add your […]


High Tide Brewing & Hop Goofing

They’re brewing High Tide, a fresh-hopped IPA, over at Port Brewing and The Lost Abbey this week. Actually, they’re brewing 9 times over a period of three days with each batch requiring a hopback full of freshly picked hops. Naturally several hundred pounds of hop flowers lends itself to some photogenic goofery. Here’s a little […]


466 People; One Beer Bottle

Three or four years ago when Beer Molly discovered the camera in her phone and starting sending photos of her beer to everyone (an annoyance that led to the formation of this blog), as far as we knew, there weren’t too many folks in the habit of taking pictures of their beer and posting them […]