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Port / Lost Abbey’s Christmas in July

Let’s take a little break from Matt Dolman and his river of photos from Portland and turn our attention back to good old San Diego. Last Saturday was Port Brewing and The Lost Abbey’s first Christmas in July — a combination beer release and fund raiser for Toys for Tots. By all measures, I’d have […]


Let’s play “Guess That Growler”!

For whatever reason we’ve accumulated a lot of growlers. A really lot of growlers. Probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 and growing since we never seem to remember to bring our growlers with us when we go brewery hopping, so we end up buying a new one or two every time we venture out. […]


Another day, another Dogfish Head

The cool and tart beer was very refreshing after a warm July day.  And at only 4.5% alc/vol, I think I’ll have another.  yumm


Pub Crawling with the Pros in San Diego

A couple weeks back was the 50th birthday of Churchill’s bartender and all around great guy (even if he is English), Tony Dowson. To celebrate, friends Kevin Hopkins (who Twitters with the enthusiasm of a 16 year-old girl) and Brian Friel chartered a bus from Brewery Tours of San Diego, assembled 20 or so of […]


4th of July Intoxication Guide

It’s Independence Day here in the ol’ U.S. of A. which means we’ll all be BBQing, indulging in adult beverages and essentially partying like it’s, well… the 4th of July. No doubt at some point during the day you’ll be standing about at a party staring at the really loud and obnoxious person at the […]


Have a Bati while you wait

Yes, we’ve had a lot of adventures lately, plus the Real Ale Fest starts tomorrow so we’ll have a lot more. While I sort through what I’m going to post I want to share with you the beer I’m having right now: A Bati Beer from Kombolcha Brewery in Ethiopia. Some of our friends picked […]


Dan Akroyd and Inferno Ale

Dan Akroyd was making an appearance promoting his Crystal Skull Vodka yesterday, but he’s a big beer guy too. Here he is with Lost Abbey’s Inferno Thanks for the photos Sheldon!


Beer Molly – Beer Cover Girl

Hey look — Beer Molly is on the cover of the July issue of All About Beer magazine! (Along with some other people.) The photo was taken at The Angel’s Share release at the Lost Abbey back in February of `09. In case you’re interested, the folks standing next to her are (from left to […]


Video: tasting Pizza Beer

So a few weeks back Beermolly got a package from Johnathan Surratt (aka: Beerinator) of The Beermapping Project in a sort of chainletter-type beer swap. Among the many Midwestern brews was a bottle of something called “Mamma Mia! Pizza Beer”, which the label proudly proclaimed was an “Ale brewed with oregano, basil, tomato and garlic.” […]