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Craft Beer as a source for Beer Crafts

Hey, how clever is this? Rather than letting all those hoods & wires from cork-stoppered beers go to waste, our fellow blog author, Adam, is now recycling them into tiny pieces of wrought iron furniture. As you can see from the photo here, we are now the proud owners of a Parisian sidewalk bistro set […]


The last of Adam’s brews

We’re sitting on the patio at Backstreet enjoying a warm, sunny spring day and having a couple of Adam C’s final brews from Backstreet – La Costa Rasta, a Coffee Stout and India Pale Lager, which is, as you might guess, a lager with lots of hops.


When life gives you a recession: make beer

The Wall Street Journal has an article today about the rise of craft brewing even as the rest of the economy is in the tank (or should I say fermenter?). Turns out a lot of folks who were laid off, downsized, or otherwise de-employed are tapping their inner entrepreneur and getting into the micro-brewing business. […]


Hell of a night at the Ranch

I’m having one hell of a beer for one hell of day. Okay, actually I just found a couple of bottles down in the cellar. But it’s still good.


Poorman and Me

Actually, I’m not a “poor man” (unless you count having no money, no income and a lot of debt as “poor”), but last night Beermolly and I went to Carlsbad Pizza Port with the Monkeys for a couple of pints and pizza. Monkey Mike and I got a pitcher of Poorman’s IPA, which is my […]


Brandy Angel’s Share Arrives Feb 28

It’s official, the 2009 release of brandy barrel-aged Angel’s Share will be released at The Lost Abbey on Saturday, February 28th at 10 am.  Unlike previous releases of this incredible barleywine, this one will be available in both 375ml and 750ml bottles, which is a nice change since getting through a whole 750 of this […]


The making of a Stein Beer

Last weekend Tonya Cornett, brewmaster at Bend Brewing, flew down here to San Diego to do a collaborative brew with Tomme at Port / The Lost Abbey. Both Tonya and Tomme are last year’s World Beer Cup champion brewers (Tonya for the small brewpub category, Tomme for the small brewery category), so the beer they […]


Churchill’s Pub Crawl Wrap-up – Part 1

As many of you already know, this past Saturday, January 17th was the (quasi) annual pub crawl sponsored by Churchill’s Pub and Grille here in North County San Diego. For Beer Molly this is one of the seven or eight highlights of the year (right behind her birthday, Christmas, and any other event at which […]


How to carry a beer on a bike

Normally I don’t put the NSFW stuff up here because this site is about beer, not scantily clad women (though the two seem to go together). However, I’m making an exception this time because this one is gets my respect for ingenuity and utility. Beer Molly says these type of beer carriers will never catch […]