Hers and his – why it works after 20 years

Molly's Beer (l) and mine (r)
Molly's Beer (l) and mine (r)

The one question I can count on when people find out the Beer Molly and I have been married for 20 years is “what’s your secret?”

The best I can say is that we have a happy situation. Both of us love great beer, but niether of us like the same great beer.

One look at Molly and it’s pretty obvious that I (as a gentleman) prefer the pale — the blonder the better (though a red or two has been known to turn my head). And one listen to Molly and it’s also obvious that I also like a sharp tongue. So it hardly comes as a surprise that I enjoy nothing more than IPAs — and the higher the IBUs the better.

Molly on the other hand likes them big, black and thick. So it’s hardly a surprise that her favorite refresher is a huge stout. The blacker and stronger, the better.

Wait a minute… I’m skinny white guy.

Okay, never mind. I have no idea why I’ve been married for 20 years.

Enjoy the weekend and enjoy a cold beer or two. You can even share it with that special someone if that works for you.


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