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Lost Abbey welcoming new brewer with specially blended beer night


See monkeys fresh from Kansas City!

See monkeys fresh from Kansas City!

Port Brewing / The Lost Abbey will be hosting a “Meet the Monkeys” night at the brewery on Friday, January 9 from 4pm until 8pm in honor of the arrival of their new brewer, Mike Rodriguez. Mike comes to Lost Abbey from Boulevard Brewing of Kansas City, MO (one of the largest craft breweries in the country) where he was a brewer for six years.


Mike and his wife, Michelle, refer to each other as “Monkey” (ask them why), which lead to everyone else calling them “the Monkeys” (thus the event name).

In addition to having the opportunity to meet Mike and his wife, patrons will also be treated to $3 “Monkey Pints” – a limited edition beer blended specifically for this occasion.

Brewery address and directions are available on the home page at:


  1. Jason

    Yeah you know we love you guys when we can actually have a growler of Nelson around and NOT drink it!

  2. nicmcc

    We’re so there! And I have questions about this Nelson that wasn’t consumed – good stuff!


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