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Beer Photo of the Week: “Break Time”

This photo doesn’t really have anything to do with anything other than the other day I caught Mike Rodriguez (aka: Port’s new brewer, “Monkey” Mike) taking a little time out in the barrel room to “catch up on his reading.”   His wife assured me that he usually does that elsewhere, but the “library” might […]


Drowning our sorrows

Lona and I had a HUGE dose of home-sickness today. For those that don’t know, Red Poppy is Lona’s favorite Lost Abbey beer. It was released today and we were really bummed we weren’t there. To make matters worse, after tearing through our entire stash of beer I realized that we had drank our last […]


Backstreet Brewing turns into a dark alley

Word has just come down that Adam Carbonell was just laid off as head brewer at Backstreet Brewing in Vista, CA. According to Adam, he was told that the company, which operates numerous Lamp Post Pizza outlets (Backstreet Brewing is the microbrew side of the operation), is “downsizing” and corporate head brewer Ryan Aikens, who […]


Churchill’s Pub Crawl Wrap-up – Part 1

As many of you already know, this past Saturday, January 17th was the (quasi) annual pub crawl sponsored by Churchill’s Pub and Grille here in North County San Diego. For Beer Molly this is one of the seven or eight highlights of the year (right behind her birthday, Christmas, and any other event at which […]


How to carry a beer on a bike

Normally I don’t put the NSFW stuff up here because this site is about beer, not scantily clad women (though the two seem to go together). However, I’m making an exception this time because this one is gets my respect for ingenuity and utility. Beer Molly says these type of beer carriers will never catch […]


Rustic Bread & Cheese from Maine

My sister has been sending me regional food and drink from her new home town of Blue Hill, Maine.   Like me she was born and raised in California and uprooted a few years ago, floated for a little bit and then settled in Blue Hill. First it was beer, which I posted..I think.  Then it […]


Lost Abbey welcoming new brewer with specially blended beer night

Port Brewing / The Lost Abbey will be hosting a “Meet the Monkeys” night at the brewery on Friday, January 9 from 4pm until 8pm in honor of the arrival of their new brewer, Mike Rodriguez. Mike comes to Lost Abbey from Boulevard Brewing of Kansas City, MO (one of the largest craft breweries in […]


Recent Trip to Flying Dog

Lona and I went out to Flying Dog on Saturday (12/27) to meet up with some friends and have a few beers.  If you haven’t heard by now, their tasting room is unbelievable.  It was packed as usual.  Lona takes our son and pushes their way through the crowd to get to the far end […]


Please welcome our new contributors

As a few of you have observed, in an attempt to bring ever more interesting beer pix, we’ve recently added several new contributors to the blog. So you can connect the beers with the names we’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our new beer bloggers. Matt Dolman, Foreign Correspondent Accountant by […]


Photos: Lost Abbey Barrel Tasting Night

Yeah, yeah, I know, the Lost Abbey Barrel Tasting Night was over a week ago and I still haven’t posted the photos. Sorry. I was busy. I’m posting them now. Please stop calling and hanging up. (You know who you are.) Anyway, the barrel party was once again a great evening. Beyond the 12 regular […]