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A Visit from Saint Peter

On our way to pour at the Tucson beer festival a couple of weeks ago, we swung by the brewery to pick up three kegs of High Tide. It was a Friday morning so we weren’t expecting anyone but the brewery crew to be there. But as we walked into the brewhouse, there was Tomme […]


Ne Goeien Collaboration beer releases today

Today is the release over at the Port Brew/Lost Abbey of Collaboration brewed by Hildegard Van Ostedan & Tomme Aurther. It’s a Belgium Saison 5.5% ABV in 750ml bottles. (I’m thinking of wearing my blue dirndl for the release.) I had some last night and really enjoyed the beer. I also had 2 pints of […]


Video: Toast to Michael Jackson

Sunday, September 30th was National Toast to Michael Jackson day. A small crowd of us went to Port Brewing/Lost Abbey and raised a glass of Mr. Jackson’s Malhuer in a toast lead by head brewer Tomme Arthur. Here it is in all it’s video goodness:


Beer Tasting Night: The Good, The Bad and the Clam Flavored – Part 1

Last week I wrote about a 10 year-old bottle of Olde English 800 Malt Liquor Molly and I were about to open, sample — and hopefully survive. Well, after standing at our bar for several minutes staring at that 40 ounce bottle we decided that something as special as this had to be shared with […]


Celebrating Summer with a 10 year old beer

Greetings fellow beer lovers. Molly and I have been in Tucson exploring the beer offerings of southern Arizona the past few days (a fact you may have noticed by Molly’s posts from her nifty new camera phone (2 mexapixels and a full keyboard — pretty awesome). After I’ve had a chance to weed through the […]


Pink Boots came to Port Brewing

Talk about coincidences. Thursday morning I read Al at Hop Talk’s post on Teri Fahrendorf, former Steelhead Head Brewer, now on a 10,000-plus mile journey across the U.S. as the Pink Booted Road Brewer. Friday afternoon Molly and I wandered into Port Brewing to do our usual Friday night shift behind the bar in the […]


Brewery Hopping gets noticed

The International Herald Tribune has nice article today on what it refers to as “brewery hopping”, or what we all know as “a Pilgrimage” (i.e., visiting craft breweries and tasting the beer). From the article: Although beer lacks a major destination such as Napa Valley in California, many beer aficionados are taking vacations that are […]


Confessions of a Bad Homebrewer

I’m going to miss the California Homebrewer’s Festival this year because I’ll be attending Port Brewing/Lost Abbey’s First Anniversary party instead. (And snagging my four bottle allotment of Cuvee de Tomme.) So while those guys are all out at Vail Lake hootin’ and hollerin’, drinking their beers and not paying attention, I have a confession […]


Port’s Josh Miner Moving to Drake’s Brewing

We just learned last night that Port Brewing’s Josh Miner will be taking over as head brewer at Drake’s Brewing Co. in San Leandro, Calif. Josh was head brewer at the Pizza Port in San Clemente, Calif. (where he brewed up many an amazing beer) before moving on to become the assistant brewer at Port […]


Port Brewing’s Tomme Arthur Thinks About Raisins

When we were kids our lunch bags invariably included one of those little red boxes of Sunmaid raisins. I really didn’t like raisins to begin with, so as you might guess, by the 6th grade I hated raisins. Loathed them. Couldn’t stand them. But being the clever individual I am, and hanging around with a […]