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A Visit from Saint Peter

On our way to pour at the Tucson beer festival a couple of weeks ago, we swung…

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Ne Goeien Collaboration beer releases today

Today is the release over at the Port Brew/Lost Abbey of Collaboration brewed by Hildegard Van Ostedan…

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Video: Toast to Michael Jackson

Sunday, September 30th was National Toast to Michael Jackson day. A small crowd of us went to…

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Beer Tasting Night: The Good, The Bad and the Clam Flavored – Part 1

Last week I wrote about a 10 year-old bottle of Olde English 800 Malt Liquor Molly and…

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Celebrating Summer with a 10 year old beer

Greetings fellow beer lovers. Molly and I have been in Tucson exploring the beer offerings of southern…

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Pink Boots came to Port Brewing

Talk about coincidences. Thursday morning I read Al at Hop Talk’s post on Teri Fahrendorf, former Steelhead…

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Brewery Hopping gets noticed

The International Herald Tribune has nice article today on what it refers to as “brewery hopping”, or…

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Confessions of a Bad Homebrewer

I’m going to miss the California Homebrewer’s Festival this year because I’ll be attending Port Brewing/Lost Abbey’s…

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Port’s Josh Miner Moving to Drake’s Brewing

We just learned last night that Port Brewing’s Josh Miner will be taking over as head brewer…

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Port Brewing’s Tomme Arthur Thinks About Raisins

When we were kids our lunch bags invariably included one of those little red boxes of Sunmaid…